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If you are a tenant (non-owner) or a non-resident and haven't purchased an online item with Dennis before, you will have the option on the next page.

We accept, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
There is a convenience charge of 4.5% or $1.50, whichever is greater.

We also accept payment via ACH (eCheck) with a convenience charge of $0.50
Beaches Fee **Transaction Fee
4.5% or $1.50
Resident/Taxpayer $50.00 $2.25
Seasonal $180.00 $8.10
Non-Resident $360.00 $16.20
Weekly $90.00 $4.05
Harbor Fee **Transaction Fee
4.5% or $1.50
Resident/Tax Payer - Blue Area - West Side $50.00 $2.25
Resident/Tax Payer - Blue Trailer Area $95.00 $4.28
Non-Resident - Red Area - East Side $100.00 $4.50
ORV Fee **Transaction Fee
4.5% or $1.50
Resident 1st Sticker $150.00 $6.75
Non-Resident $300.00 $13.50
Off Season Permit (9/4/18 - 5/1/19) $100.00 $4.50
Transfer Station Fee **Transaction Fee
4.5% or $1.50
Resident 1st Sticker $182.00 $8.19
Resident 2nd Sticker $20.00 $1.50
Recycling Only Sticker $42.00 $1.89
**Processing Fee / Merchant Fee

Required Documents for Purchase

Required Documents for Purchase – Beaches (click to view)
Required Documents for Purchase – Natural Resources (click to view)
Required Documents for Purchase – Transfer Station (click to view)
Any transactions missing required documents will be denied, and an email sent explaining the denial, so that you may resubmit.